Need a Picture Book Cover Design and Illustration?.....Picture Kitchen Studio Can Help

In need of a cover illustration or some design help with a picture book, early reader or tween chapter book? Picture Kitchen Studio can help!

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Children's Book Series is going to Kindle

The Adventure of Beatrice was released fall of 2001 by Concordia Publishing....author Pam Halter and I have decided to take lovable, curious, fiery and creative little Beatrice to Kindle for a whole new generation of wee ones to enjoy. Here are the beginnings of what will be revisions for the e-book series...

The Adventures of Beatrice, Written by Pam Halter
Illustrated by Kim Sponaugle Published in 2001 by
Concordia Publishing House.


A Map of the KIngdom......

Nickerbacher the dragon decides to leave his position as a sentry for Princess Gwendelyn, and go for his big dream in Metropolis.....
Written by Terry J. Barto for children ages 5-8. Coming Winter 2015.


Cover sketch for Ping and Po-Li

Ping and Po-Li written by Audrey Moore, is now on the
drawing board ....what a delightful Shiwu (food)
adventure we will be taking! Here is the first round of cover art. 
Interiors have been sketched and now it's time to go through 
and make adjustments.
The research for Asian terrain, rain forests,
bridges, unique creatures like coconut tree crabs, vultures and otters
has been a whole bunch of fun. See more sketches at
PKS Display Case


Who is Jesus? Answers preschoolers tough questions.....

Children ask tough questions...Questions like "Does Jesus still love me when I'm naughty? This kind of question can pose a special challenge to parents, grandparents and caregivers as they teach their children about God. In this delightful, heartwarming book award winning author Dr. MaryAnn Diorio helps answer some of these tough questions.


A "Growing Up" Chapter Book Adventure for Boys and Girls "IS THERE A LION IN MY KITCHEN?"

One delightfully rambunctious lion, and a mountain of messes help a little boy learn to be a responsible young man...in a delightful book series written by Kevin Fobbs  and his grandson. For ages 5-8 yrs.
Coming Summer 2014.


Miss Lundi's PINK ABC's - Coming Soon!

"Miss Lundi's Pink ABC's" provides a rich resource for little ones learning their ABC's, colors and letter shapes, while teaching them about kindness, compassion and love....Written to honor and support families who are fighting and those who have fought the mighty battle with cancer. Written from her own personal experience, it is Kathy Nelson's prayer, that this little book will bring laughter, tears, hope and comfort and inspiration to families. Written by Kathy Nelson. Coming Spring 2014.